Bergdorf Goodman Return and Refund Policy

About Bergdorf Goodman

Bergford Goodman is a department store that sells luxury goods and is based in Middle Manhattan of New York City. Herman Bergford founded the department store in 1899 and was later managed and owned by Edwin Goodman, and then by Andrew Goodman.

Bergford Goodman stores operate from two stores across the street located at Fifth Avenue between 57 and 58th street. The main store was opened in 1928 at its current location, and the other store, which deals in men’s products, was opened in 1990 across the street.

It is a subsidiary of Neiman Marcus, owned by Ares Management, a private equity firm.

Return Policy

The Bergford Goodman retail chain focuses on customer satisfaction at high priority. If the customer is not delighted with the product, he may opt to return the product. The product, in this case, needs to be in clean and unused condition. The accessories and tags should not be have been removed from the product.

The product can only be accepted for return by Bergford Goodman if it is purchased within the last six months. You need to fill out the packing slip carefully. The return process can take about two weeks.

You can return the product purchased online or directly from the retail store. The product purchased in person at the department store location needs to be returned only at the same store location from where it was purchased.

When you return the product, you will receive store credit gift card of the same value as the amount of the product to be returned will be given at the store. Check can only be issued for the amount exceeding $2000 as per the federal law.

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