Target Return Policy

Target has a return policy in which you can return the items that are purchased in Target. Many of the people have some misconception about the return policy. This will clear everything.

Target has a 90-day return policy. It means your items that are sold by Target can be exchanged or returned when it is in new condition. You will receive the refund or you can opt for the exchange. Some of the items that are not eligible or have a different return policy will have an extra note. You can find this note in the receipt or packing slip.

Once you place the request for the items that are opened or damaged, there are chances that your request may be denied and you won’t get any refund or exchange.

Target’s partner has a similar policy where you can return or exchange the items within 90 days. If they have a different policy, you will be able to see in the packing slip just as seen on the products that are sold by Target.

If you don’t have the receipt for the item you have just purchased and want to place a return or refund request, you can just open the Target account and download the receipt for your purchase.

Refund Options

There are various options that are available for the refund of the money. However, the refund depends on the type of payment you used while you were purchasing the product or the item. You can see more information about it from your account. they use the Redcard, cash, target gift card, merchandise card, or debit card to process the refund. However, to know the exact options, you can log in to your account and check it out there.

Conditions on items

These are several conditions that apply to certain items

  • If there are any electronic item purchased using Target, the request must be placed within 30 days of the return
  • Mobile phones are only eligible for 14 days return.
  • Apple products are subjected to 15 days return policy
  • Some items such as Airbeds can’t be returned. However, you can surely exchange them with other identical items.
  • Opened or any of the defective Collectibles items such as sports card, die-cast cars, porcelain dolls, special edition Barbie dolls, etc can’t be returned.
  • Digital items and all the custom personalized items are not eligible for the return
  • Items in which there are different return and refund policy printed will be subjected to their own return policy. The number of days might be different and also there are chances that some of the items won’t allow refund or exchange.

These are several policies of Target when you want to return or get an exchange for the product you have just purchased. Please note that Target won’t accept any international exchange or return, even for the items that were purchased online. So, keep this mind and don’t forget to check the number of days you have to return or exchange the item or the product. Also, make sure you check if the item has a different return policy printed on the receipt.

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