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Hello there, QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed. Here I will be given information about a quick book return and refund policy. Its easily create return purchase order on to find here QuickBooks return purchased an item to searching by online to check here QuickBooks online return order. 

If the product was purchased from a retail outlet and the retailer will not accept the Quickbooks products return, you must return the product within 60 days from the purchase date to be eligible for a QuickBooks refund customer credit card under the satisfaction guarantee.

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QuickBooks Return Policy

The majority of QuickBooks products are covered by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. However, some products are excluded, such as resource guides, lab packs, and software purchased in bulk. Those wishing to receive a full refund on their product will need to get in touch with Intuit within 60 days of the product’s purchase.

The procedure for obtaining a refund will vary depending on where the product was purchased. Products purchased directly from Intuit can be returned by contacting their customer service department by phone. Physical products can be returned by filling out a return form and sending it back to Intuit through a traceable shipping method.

It may take up to 10 business days for a credit card refund to be processed or a check to be mailed out. Products purchased through third-party retailers should be returned to the retailer. If the merchant does not accept returns, the product can be returned to Intuit within 60 days of purchase. A refund check will be sent within 4 weeks after the return has been accepted.

About QuickBooks Return Policy Information

QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.

How Many Return Days Does QuickBooks Give?

Intuit offers a 60-day money back guarantee for TurboTax, Quicken, and QuickBooks desktop software if for any reason you need to refund the software. This policy does not apply to any ProSeries products, Intuit resource guides, education/lab packs, and bulk software orders. If you are not completely satisfied with your Intuit products, please return them for a full refund (excludes shipping and handling).

How to Return Physical Product?

For direct orders: If the product is purchased directly from Intuit through the Web, mail, or over the phone, you have 60 days from the product’s physical ship date to be eligible for a refund under the satisfaction guarantee. Except for certain QuickBooks software listed below, you must return the product and include a copy of the packing slip in order to be eligible for a refund.

You can return the product on below mention address.

Send all physical products returns to:

Intuit Inc.
ATTN: Returns Department
PO Box # 580926
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158, US

If you are returning products via UPS, FedEx or shipping methods that will not ship to a P.O. Box, mail to:

Intuit Inc.
ATTN: Returns Department, Door 20
11500 80th Avenue
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158, US

Returning Electronically Delivered Products of QuickBooks

You have 60 days from the purchase date to obtain a refund for product downloads, product unlocks, and all other electronically delivered Intuit media. You will be required to uninstall and remove the application from your computer. Since there is no physical product shipped, you are not required to send anything back to the Returns Department.

Refunds for electronically delivered QuickBooks products can be requested via the web. Your license will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to use the product. If your QuickBooks product is not eligible for a refund via the web, contact the QuickBooks customer service department at 888-246-8848. For refunds on all other downloadable software, call 800-4-INTUIT (800-446-8848).

If you have additional questions regarding returns and refunds, please call 800-4-INTUIT (800-446-8848).

Refund Policy

We provide 15 days refund policy with following terms and conditions. The refund policy is not applicable to one-time support plans users are entitled to the full refund if he/she claims within 15 days of plan activation. After 15 days termination and refund process will be based on services provided in the pastA customer has an option to opt-out any time by just dropping an email us at [email protected] or giving a call on +1-833-400-4030

Customer responsibility in connection with acquiring services, users will agree that they will:

Cooperate with QuickBooks Customer Service. Almost all issues will be resolved under the agreement between the customer and advisors.

Customer understands and agrees that QuickBooks Customer Service will not be liable under any circumstances for any corrupted and lost data or software. QuickBooks Customer Service Strongly recommends that customer has to maintain their data backup in order to ensure the recovery of their personal data. QuickBooks Customer Service will not be liable for any damage and loss which belongs to someone else’s act either with your knowledge or without your knowledge.

QuickBooks Customer Service will not responsible and liable in any types of circumstances if the customer considers any fake calls. QuickBooks Customer Support representative never ever asks any kind of refunds. We strongly recommend to our customers to claim or report any types of incidence on our toll-free number +1-833-400-4030. We do not call for any types of payment from our members. Do not ever share your bank details or card details with anyone who claims to be QuickBooks Customer Support employee.


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