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Meijer Return And Exchange Policies Info

Hello Guys!! How does Meijer Return Policy work? then I will provide a information about the process Meijer Return And Refund Policy. Meijer attempt for a quick and easy to return a product on Meijer return online policy to search a location on Meijer locations near me. If you have any problem then check this Meijer Replacement policy. I hope that all kinds of information helpful to you for easily return Meijer store.

It will be returned or exchanged within 90days of purchase with or without a receipt. Product purchased at or from sellers or resellers are not eligible for return, refund, or exchange.

meijer return and refund policy

What are the Meijer store Return, Refund, and Exchange policy?

Meijer strives for a quick, easy, and positive return experience and has established the following guidelines in the event a purchase must be returned or exchanged:

• Returns without a receipt are subject to lowest sale or promotional pricing.
• For returns of items purchased as part of a Meijer special event, bundled offer, or promotion, any discounts on the original
a purchase may be allocated appropriately when determining the value of the return.
• For items returned where the qualifying purchase produced a Catalina coupon, the coupon does not have to be returned with the item.
However, if the coupon is not returned with the item, the return value of the item being returned will be reduced by the amount of the coupon.
• All returns will be refunded in the original purchase tender type. If no receipt is present, a Meijer Merchandise Return Card
will be issued for the refund value.
• In the event a return is attempted without a receipt, Meijer will try to look up your original purchase receipt. For any
purchase made within the past 90 days, we can find a record of the transaction if your mPerks account number was entered.
• If payment was made with a credit card, debit card, EBT card, or personal check the store has the ability to look up receipts for 21 days.
• For returns without a receipt, valid ID may be required and recorded.
• Please see below for additional details by product category.

Grocery: Meijer guarantees the freshness and quality of our food items.
 • We will provide a full refund for all consumable food items with or without a receipt, provided           they are not WIC-approved food  items.
• For WIC-approved food items (which include all produce), we will provide a refund if you have a   receipt that shows the item was not purchased in a WIC transaction. Meijer cannot provide         refunds for food items, including produce and infant formula, which may have been purchased        with WIC. For state-approved WIC items, only even exchange for an identical item is permitted.

General Merchandise: Meijer will honor General Merchandise refunds and exchanges within 90 days of purchase. After 90 days, manufacturer warranty applies. Exceptions to this return policy include:

 • Electronics without data storage capabilities, photos, books, magazines, and gas-powered equipment must be returned within 30 days. After 30 days manufacturer warranty applies.
• Items with data storage capabilities – including but not limited to MP3 players, tablets, computers, cell phones, memory cards, and game systems – must be returned unopened and unused. If defective and opened, only exchange for an identical item is permitted.
• Tents, airbeds, and electronic media including (but not limited to) video games, DVDs, and CDs must be returned unopened. If defective and opened, only exchange for an identical item is permitted.
• Items powered by flammable liquids or gas are subject to additional restrictions and fees up to $25.
• Items not eligible for return include alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, nicotine-based products, electronic cigarettes, ammunition, prepaid wireless phones, gift cards, and open packages of collectibles (such as collector cards) or blood glucose monitors.

Meijer stands behind our name; any product with the “Meijer” brand may be returned with or without a receipt, provided it is not a state-approved WIC item. For state-approved WIC items, only exchange for an identical item is permitted.

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