Delta Airlines Returns and Refund Policy

About Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines also mentioned to as Delta is one of the main United States airlines. The airline has its largest hub as well as headquarters at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline runs over 5400 flights every day along with its companies and regional associates. The airline comprises 319 destinations in 54 different countries on 6 continents serving a widespread domestic and international network. Delta is one amongst the 4 members of the sky team airlines alliance and manages joint ventures with AeroMexico, Alitalia, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Air France- KLM and WestJet. Regional services are worked under the name called delta connection. The airline was founded in Macon, Georgia on May 30, 1924. The company has more than 86000 employees.

Delta Airlines Returns

Customers who purchased e-Tickets from Delta Airlines direct can easily obtain the refund of it. They can claim a refund if their travel plans get altered and they cancel their booking within a day of acquisition. The buyers need to send the receipt of the tickets through the mail to the customer service department. The requests regarding the refunds should be made by midnight the day after the tickets were purchased.

The refund policy doesn’t appertain to the tickets purchased through travel organizations or to paper tickets.

Payment Methods

If the return gets accepted and the process is completed, the payment is checked.

  • The payments done through credit card or debit care are transferred to the bank account within two weeks approximately.
  • The purchases done through cash or cheque are returned to the person whose named is printed on the ticket. This may take 20 business days to complete the process.

The company has all the policies in a structured manner. The customers are free to ask the queries and get better services for everything.

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