Burlington Coat Factory Return and Refund Policy

About Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory is an American nationwide off-price department store retailer. Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation has 631 stores in over 45 states.it has more than 40000 employees working in their company. Its corporate headquarters is located in Burlington Township, New Jersey. Tom Kingsbury became the president and CEO of Burlington Company in 2008. The company was first opened in 1972 by Monroe Milstein. Burlington is a retail chain selling various items like adult clothes, baby clothes, toys, furniture, home décor items and gifts. Its first priority is the quality of the products it sells and that even at reasonable prices.

Burlington Coat Factory Return and Refund Policy

If you didn’t like the item you purchased at Burlington store, you can return that particular item and get the refund. You can return the products you purchased from the website of Burlington Coat Factory within 30 days of your purchase. While returning the purchased item the delivery charges will not be refunded. If you want to return the purchased product in person, keep your packing slip and personal ID card handy. Products those are used or unboxed from the package in which it came, cannot be returned or refunded. Any swimsuits or breast pump products bought from Burlington Coat Factory cannot be returned. Items bought from the Burlington store cannot be returned to the website of Burlington Coat Factory. If you want to mail the purchased item to the company use UPS or fed ex. Burlington Coat Factory will not be responsible for lost packages or delayed deliveries. Products that the company buys from the suppliers in order to sell it to the customers generally cannot be returned to a store location. Refunds through cash or credit cards will not be accepted in person.

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