British Airways Refund Policy

About British Airways

British Airways is the largest airline of the United Kingdom with the highest fleet size and second largest airlines based on the number of carried passengers. The airline is based in Waterside near the London Heathrow Airport. The Airlines merged with Iberia, creating International Airlines Group, a company registered in Madrid, Spain in January 2014. IAG has become the third largest airline of the world and second largest of Europe in terms of annual revenue.

British Airways Refund policy

The British Airways follow regulations of European Union related to compensations for its passengers while dealing with flight cancellations and refunding the amount. The European Union regulations are applied to all the people who purchase tickets to any of the flights that go to any EU member state unless the passenger is being helped at the departure country. For example; if a passenger canceled a ticket of British Airways flight to or from Israel, he may be eligible for compensation as per Israel Aviation Services Law.

When British Airways flight is canceled, passengers can choose another flight comparable to the canceled flight and is going to the same destination with the earliest departure, or the passenger may also choose to take the refund.

If the flight is canceled or is delayed by more than five hours that can affect the connecting journey, British Airways have to transport the passenger back to the departure city, when the passenger does not wish to continue further. The expense of the transportation of the passenger has to be borne by the Airways and also to refund the amount for which the journey remained incomplete.

In case, the ticket is booked through a travel agent, passengers should send the request through the agent to get the refunds for the tickets. For refund of tickets purchased through British Airways, passengers should visit the website, and click Manage my Bookings to submit the refund request.

For delayed or canceled British Airways flight, passengers can expect some refreshing meals and refreshments during the expected waiting time. In some circumstances, British Airways also provide Hotel accommodations to its customers.

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