ASUS Return and Refund Policy

General Warranty on Products

All products from the Asus are covered under a limited warranty, which includes power, hardware, and manufacturing related issues. This limited warranty doesn’t include any third party hardware or software.

The duration of warranty differ according to products, that is why every product contains a unique serial number which you can use to contact with company headquarter and know all about the warranty of the product The warranty card received with the product will also show all the details required about the product. The card contains all the information of duration of the limited warranty offered by the company.

The warranty will not include:

  • Upgrading the device
  • Replacing the box
  • Changing model of the device
  • Refunds
  • Credit line

Limited warranty of the Hardware

Each Asus product has a specific list of warranties which can be applied as per the lifespan of the product and its expected problems. The hardware warranty includes ChromeBox, All In One products, Displays, Graphics card, Vivo PC, Motherboards, Servers, laptops, projectors, Desktops, and notebooks.

Limited Warranty on Refurbished products

Refurbished Asus products can also be obtained by the company. The warranty term differs from that of brand new products. The warranty terms for refurbished products:

  • For complete products: 3 Months limited warranty
  • Battery: 3 Months
  • AC Adapter: 3 Months

All the refurbished products from Asus have limited warranty, although the duration differs from brand new products. The accessories of the refurbished products do not contain any type of warranty.

Limited warranty on the products can only be availed to get the defected product repaired or replaced. The warranty can be availed by sending the damaged product back to the company along with the valid warranty card.  The warranty card contains the information required to repair or replace the product.

Warranty Exclusion

  • If the serial number on the product is tampered or is altered.
  • If the product is repaired by a non-authorized retailer
  • If the product is damaged due to improper usage
  • If there is any sign of heavy wear and tear and shows if the damage was done on purpose.

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