Apple Returns & Refund Policies

Apple Inc. is the world largest MTC – Mulltinational Technological Company headquartered at California. Apple has it’s own designs, software with which they develop consumer electronics such as iPhones, iPods, Macbooks and more.

Apple Returns & Refunds Policy which you will have to go through before you can apply for Apple Returns and Refunds

As Apple is the largest Consumer Electronics Retailer it has a lot of sales and returns in ward. Therefore, there are certain Apple Returns Policy which a person requires to follow before he can return any of his recent purchased product online or from Apple Store.

Apple Returns Policy

There are some Some Standard Apple Returns Policy which you will need to keep in mind while you ask for a refund of the Apple Products. These policy applies to the products purchased online. You can check these policies mentioned below :

Standard Apple Returns Policy :

  • You can exchange your products within 14 days of receiving them.
  • Only items which has been purchased directly either from Apple Offline or Online store can refunded. Apple products purchased through some retailers can only be exchanged from the retailer, Apple won’t be responsible for it’s returns and refunds policy.
  • When you’re ready to ship back your items to Apple Warehouse make sure that all items are placed and kept exactly the same as you received in the package. You will be required to attach the Apple’s Generated Invoice with the package. (You can attach the invoice inside the package as well.)

There are some items, however, that are ineligible for return, including:

  • Jailbreak Items cannot be returned.
  • Downloads you have paid for in the Apple Store.
  • Software Upgrades you have paid for, cannot be refunded.
  • Apple Store Gift Cards.
  • Apple Developer products (membership, technical support incidents, WWDC tickets).
  • Apple Print Products.

*You can return the Software if you haven’t installed it any computer or laptop. Software that contains the License key with the packaging seal broken will not be refunded and returned to the address from where the Apple Receives the post or else it will be send to you by an email.

Apple Returns / Refunds For Gifts

All the Apple Gift items needs to be sent post back to the nearest Apple Store with the invoice and all the items as it was placed likewise you received the product in the packaging.

In return of Apple Gift Products you will receive Apple Gift Cards which can be used to purchasing Apple Products directly from stores as well as Online from Apple Online Store.

For more information about Apple Store Gift Cards and how to redeem, you can visit the  Apple Gifting page.

NOTE :¬†You can only return only one item at a item. If you have received more than 1 Gift(s) then you will be required to post them separately from each other mentioning the bill on all the packaging’s. If you have a common bill for all the products then you can also paste the copy of bill on the packaging.


Above we have shared the Anthropologie Returns / Refund Policy Details. If you think something is wrong then you can directly contact Anthropologie On 000 800 1009 009 for all kind of your further Queries.

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