ALDI Returns And Refund Policies

ALDI is a a common brand name for the two Global Leading Discounted Supermarket Chains with over 10,000 Stores in 18 Countries with an estimated turnover of more than 50 Million Euro.


ALDI Returns & Refund Policies which you will have to go through before you can apply for ALDI Returns or Refunds

This Supermarket chain was found in Germany by two brother, Karl and Theo Albrecht in 1946, when then captured their mother’s store in Essen. In 1960’s, The ALDI Stores started making huge profits and slowly became came under the 10 largest Supermarket chains over the world. Due to increase in sales there were a huge demand for ALDI Returns & Refunds due which the company made some Policies for all kind of Returns For ALDI Products.

aldi returns and refunds

ALDI Returns And Refund Covers You For A Maximum Of 60 Days Refunds and Returns That Too On a Very Limited Items. You can check the items on which you can avail Returns and Refunds within a specific Time Period. All the things are mentioned as Follows :

Grocery Items : On Grocery items you can immediately have a refund or replace with any everyday grocery item you are not completely satisfied with. Only you have to provide is your original bill (which you got after successfully purchasing the grocery item you want to exchange) or else any other proof of purchase with which the ALDI return for grocery can be completed.

Special Items : According to ALDI Returns Policy any special item except food can be changed within 60 days. All you need to provide is your Bill and items in the proper packaging like before opening it. You can also be called for your ID proof for the return.

Manufacturer’s Warranty : Some special Items come with Manufacturer’s Warranty (e.g. 1 or 2 years). If your product is covered under Manufacturer Warranty then you will find all the details regarding the Warranty at the back or inside the packaging. You might be required to show your bill for the proof of your purchase from ALDI Store.

If during the period of the warranty, Our products fails to represent high quality then, please do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer’s helpline or your local / nearest ALDI Store for exchange or refunds. Please note that any manufacturer’s warranty and ALDI’s change of mind policy are additional to your rights under the Consumer Law Protection depending on the country from where you have purchased your Product.

What is the ‘acceptable proof of purchase’ ?

The best of proof for ALDI Returns is the bill or receipt provided to you after billing of your products. ALDI strongly recommends you to keep a copy of your bill or receipt always with you, and the original, in a safe place. Bank Statements, and Credit Card bills can also be helpful for any kind of refunds or returns but still keeping a Bill is more safe as all stores doesn’t not accept the Bank Statement and Credit Card Bills until it’s a huge amount product.


Above we have shared the ALDI Returns Policy Details. If you think something is wrong then you can directly contact ALDI On 0843 504 7244 for all kind of your further Queries.

You can directly email to ALDI Stores USA here. If you wish you send them a letter then you can post it on the address mentioned just below :
Attention : Customer Service
1200 N. Kir Road.
Batavia, IL 60510


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