Ace Hardware Returns and Exchange Policy

Ace Hardware is an American Hardware Retail Corporation. Ace Hardware is one of the largest Hardware retailing stores in the world. It was founded in 1924 as “Ace Stores”. There are certain Returns Policy For Ace Hardware, there are a lot more policies than policy for return or exchange.

The company changed their name from “Ace Stores” to “Ace Hardware” in 1931 and started growing during the World War II, soon increasing their profits from the time of World War II to Now they became world’s largest Hardware Store.

ace hardware reutrn policy

Ace Hardware Returns and Exchange Policy covers you for 14 days from the date of purchasing whereas you get a 30 Days Money Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product. But there are some Terms & Conditions before you can go for a refund or exchange for any product purchased.

  • You will have to return all the items in Good Condition, Original Packaging, and with all the paperwork, parts, & accessories provided when you purchased the product.
  • All kind of product installation service which has already been commenced.
  • Only ACE products can be exchanged if you you don’t provide original bills, and paperwork.

Ace Hardware Returns Policy Covers Non Refundable & Non Exchangeable Products Which Applies To The Following :

  • Specially ordered or personally customized items such as mixed paint, items sold per meter, etc.
  • Damaged products which are not in a condition to resell.
  • All kind of Perishable items cannot be returned, For example : Plants, etc.
  • All kind of product installation service which has already been commenced.

Ace Hardware Exchange Policy Cover Some Warranty Terms & Conditions ( After 30 Days & Within 1 Year Of Purchase) :

  • If you want to exchange any product then you have to make sure about the original receipt and warranty card provided while you purchased the product.
  • The main responsibility for warranty services are bound with the principal seller.
  • Items Such As Accessories, Batteries & Consumables Are Not Covered Under The Warranty.
  • The Warranty Is Left Of No Use If The Product Had Been Opened Or Damaged/Tampered with by an unauthorized personnel.
  • The Warranty For Products Is Only Valid In Country, Where You Have Purchased The Product.

What Happens When Ace Hardware Returns Product Is Received :

  • The Quality Of The Product Is Checked and Checker Ensures About All Things Said To The Customer Service Representative On The Phone Call.
  • After Performing A Perfect Check By The After Sales Department Of Ace Hardware You Will Able To Opt For Anything From The Following :
  • Exchanging your product with another one from online store or from the physical store.
  • Refund.


  • Orders Can Only Be Delivered To The Any Private Place Place Like Home, Office, ETC & Not On Any Public Places Like Coffee House, Cafe, ETC.
  • If The Payment Is Done Through Credit Card Then Only The Credit Card Owner Can Receive The Product And No One Else Other Than Him/Her. You Might Be Asked To Show Your ID Proof For The Same.


Above we have shared the Ace Hardware Returns Policy Details. If you think something is wrong then you can directly contact Ace Hardware On 1 (800) 477 4137 for all kind of your further Queries.

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